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Agriculture Innovation

Coles Nurture Fund

    The Nurture Fund provides grants of up to $500,000 dollars to small and medium businesses for projects which that are unique, drive innovation and provide outstanding sustainability benefits and promote development of new market-leading products,...
    • Opens January each year

    Elders Community Partnerships

      Elders community partnerships range from national industry associations and not-for-profit charities, right down to local schools and community groups. Donations totalling over $2m a year are made to projects that align with their objectives: Support...
      • By enquiry

      Rabobank Sponsorship

        Focuses on supporting agricultural awards, education and research, including sponsorship of Vic Hub member, Southern Farming Systems. Also sponsors Agribusiness conferences and conventions.
        • By enquiry

        Woolworths Dairy Innovation Fund

          These grants will support on-farm improvements that deliver innovation, efficiency, greater resilience or enhanced sustainability. The contribution to farms will fund new capital improvements or technology, and provide additional funds to help expand existing projects....
          • New round likely November 2022
          Drought Resilience

          DAFF – Agriculture Partnerships Stewardship Packages

            Develops market arrangements and kick start private investment in farm.
            • Applications closed September 2021, no date set for next opening

            DAFF – The Carbon + Biodiversity Program

              C+B Pilot trials market arrangements for farmers to create new income from plantings that deliver biodiversity improvements and carbon abatement. Through the C+B Pilot, we are testing the concept of buying and selling biodiversity services...
              • Applications closed September 2021, no date set for next opening

              DAFF – Drought Resilience Innovation Grants

                Drought Resilience Innovation Grants support projects that help Australian farmers, and agricultural-dependent communities and businesses, adopt innovative approaches and technologies to improve drought resilience. Three grant types help cater for projects and ideas at different...
                • Not currently open, no date set for new round

                Farming and Community Group Drought Funding (Agriculture Victoria)

                  To enable farmers to better prepare, respond and build resilience to drought and dry seasonal conditions. The Program is open to Landcare and land management groups, industry groups, farming systems groups, farming discussion groups and...
                  • Currently closed, no date set on future opening

                  Farming Together Program

                    Since 2016, Southern Cross University has been home to the Farming Together Program. Farming Together was born through the Farm Co-operatives and Collaboration Pilot Program, a $15 million program funded by the Australian Commonwealth Government....
                    • Ongoing collaboration opportunities

                    Future Drought Fund’s Networks to Build Drought Resilience

                      Administered by Foundation for Regional and Rural Renewal and funded by the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund and a range of other donor partners, the Networks to Build Drought Resilience program focuses on agriculture-dependent communities....
                      • Currently closed

                      Regional Investment Corporation Drought Loans

                        Low interest loans to assist primary producers to prepare, manage or recover from the effects of drought.
                        • Ongoing opportunities

                        Regional Partnerships – Regional Drought Resilience Planning Program

                          Designed to improve regional drought resilience through the development of Regional Drought Resilience Plan that will identify what actions are needed and how they could be implemented. In the pilot program, Regional Drought Resilience Plans...
                          • Pilot programs underway, the full program will open June 2024
                          • Funded by DAFF, delivered by AgVic

                          ANZ Seeds of Renewal

                            The program focuses specifically on helping to build vibrant and sustainable rural communities and ensure the ongoing prosperity of regional Australia. It is built on two key tenets: Vibrant communities are diverse and inclusive with...
                            • Opens July 5 2022, ongoing

                            Strengthening Regional Communities

                              The program aims to give the thousands of small remote, rural and regional communities across Australia an opportunity to access funding to support broad community needs. Three funding streams are available: Rebuilding Regional Communities (RRC):...
                              • Ongoing, assessed quarterly, current round August 30

                              Tackling Tough Times Together

                                Program administered by Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal providing small grants up to $10,000. The Tackling Tough Times Together (TTTT) program gives drought-affected communities across remote, rural and regional Australia the opportunity to access...
                                • Currently closed

                                William Buckland Foundation Advancing Agriculture Program

                                  The Agriculture Program supports initiatives which focus on strengthening the resilience and capacity of regional and rural communities. The program awards approximately $500,000 per year through: Large Grants ($50k – $150k) per year, over 4...
                                  • Currently closed
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