Online climate tools for farmers

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The Australian Government is supporting the development of two climate resilience tools for farmers and the agriculture industry. These tools are constantly being updated with new functionality.

My Climate View: The Climate Services for Agriculture tool

In July 2023, the Climate Services for Agriculture (CSA) program got a new name and website for its farmer-focused climate information tool.

My Climate View is a free, online climate information tool helping farmers understand what the future climate might mean for their location, down to a 5km2 resolution, to inform decision-making and build climate resilience.

It presents agriculturally relevant historical and future climate information in one place so farmers can explore climate trends for specific commodities at a local scale.

Along with the new name and website, other updates to the My Climate View tool include the addition of climate information for avocados, cherries and chickpeas, significant improvements to how users can access and view their local and commodity-specific climate information, and insight into how climate information is calculated. 

Use it here: My Climate View 

CSA is a collaboration between CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology and part of the Future Drought Fund’s investment in better climate information for Australia's agriculture sector.


The Drought Resilience Self-Assessment Tool

DR.SAT gives farmers a clearer picture of the climate trends likely to impact their businesses, and their resilience to them—now, and in the future. It does this by bringing together satellite data, climate projections and resources to help farmers better prepare for future climate shocks.

DR.SAT asks users a set of questions about their land management practices, financial management and personal and social context—that’s the assessment part. DR.SAT was developed with farmers and taps into expert advice from the Bureau of Meteorology, CSIRO and other trusted advisors.

Since its first release in December 2021, DR.SAT has evolved from a focus on cattle grazing and dry land cropping to include commodities such as sheep, wool, dairy, citrus and temperate fruits. This will expand further to incorporate horticultural commodities such as roots, tubers and leafy green vegetables in the final November 2022 update.

Vic Drought Hub - Farmland 4