Bonus episode: Dr Robert Faggian – Climate modelling for local climate action

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Dr Robert Faggian doesn't want research gathering dust, or government talk fests with no action.

So, in his keynote address at a recent event we hosted in Bendigo, Victoria, Rob looks at local government responses to climate adaptation. He also outlines some of his own research - which uses climate modelling - to empower action in agriculture.

This is a short bonus episode from the Vic Drought and Innovation Hub's 2023 Think Tank event, 'Are we drought ready?'.


Dr. Robert Faggian, an Associate Professor of Climate Change Adaptation at Deakin University, is a recognized expert in the field of climate change adaptation. With a strong background in biology and agricultural science, his work focuses on developing practical strategies to respond to the challenges of climate change, with a particular emphasis on sustainable regional development. He has led numerous successful local and international research projects on climate adaptation, water management, and agricultural production, and published extensively on his findings. Dr. Faggian is an engaging and informative speaker who is dedicated to sharing his expertise with the public.