Top Crop App (low to medium rainfall broadacre farming)

Vic Drought Hub - Farmland 1
  • Birchip Cropping Group (NW Node)
  • Agtech

To develop a digital APP version of the MEYcheck manual, for use by farmers and advisors to deliver agronomic information in an updatable format which can be incorporate in Yield Prophet Lite and other simple calculators.

The MEYcheck (Maximum Economic Yield) and Top Crop programs were transformative in the 1990s in terms of driving understanding around production constraints such as water use efficiency and nitrogen management. Scientific advancements in crop production and new technologies since the development of the programs have built on the information produced in the MEYcheck manual and Top Crop groups. Yield Prophet is an online crop-production model that uses soil test results, growing-season rainfall, stored soil water, crop management and historical climate data to provide objective, real-time assessments of seasonal yield potential. A smaller less detailed and free version Yield Prophet Lite was made available as a free smart phone app and is used systematically by farmers looking to determine their fertiliser.