Spraying pork effluent onto farm soil  

Vic Drought Hub - Farmland 1
  • Federation University
  • Soil

Australian Pork Limited (APL) sought to quantify the impacts of effluent spraying on soil health to better understand the value of the practice as no quantitative data is currently available in Australia.

pigs in paddock credit Pascal Debrunner-Unsplash LR
Image credit Pascal Debrunner | Unsplah

Update August 2023

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Anecdotally this method is believed to be common for composting manure and solids. The project activities include a national and international literature review, gathering of local knowledge, conducting producer interviews and soil sampling will also be carried out in areas where effluent has been commonly dispersed in past years and analysed for chemical, physical and biological properties. Extension outcomes will include a webinar on the project findings and recommendations for where the research should be taken next.

Federation University is leading this APL funded project which also includes researchers from the University of Melbourne.