Optimising Slug Management

Vic Drought Hub - Farmland 1
  • Riverine Plains (NE Node)
  • Economic


Start date: 15 February 2024

Expected end date: 31 December 2026

Funding sources: Future Drought fund (FDF), SARDI, GRDC

Project activity


Chemical Trial

spring bait, control plus 2 x baiting treatments spring prior to sowing canola.

Non-chemical Trial:

1. Dry out soil to make habitat less favourable for slugs; cultivate top 5cm

2. Pre spread 80-100kg/ha of urea prior to sowing canola

3. Rolling the soil after sowing to reduce the shelter for slugs provided by clods.

Project deliverables

  • 6 paddocks, with regular monitoring data
  • 2 extension events
  • 2 trial sites