Drought Management for the Health and Longevity of Perennial Horticulture Plants

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  • South Australia Drought Hub
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Through collaborative co-design and implementation, the project teams will work with producers to identify challenges and needs in preserving plant health during drought.

Producers are accustomed to interrogating weather and soil moisture data. However, most adopted sensors and tools do not directly capture plant-based data. Tree and vine canopy size is also strongly linked to irrigation and nutrient requirements. This project directly addresses barriers to adoption and captures canopy development considerations, achieved through real-time remote monitoring. The project will focus on almonds, citrus and wine grapes.

This is a Cross Hub project led by the South Australia Drought Hub, with the Victoria Drought Hub (through our Node, Mallee Regional Innovation Centre), as well as the NSW and Tasmania Drought Hubs. Hort Innovation is also a partner in the project.