Episode 6: Staying operational while innovating

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Innovation Ag episode 6 staying operational while innovating Emma Coath Tim Clune Wayne Schild

So far we’ve heard a lot about innovation in ag – about what it is, about considerations to factor into the decision-making process and we’ve also heard stories about how others have gone about funding a new tool, practice, trial or project.

So, now we're ready to innovate, right?

Well hang on a minute, because first we need to talk about one of the biggest barriers to changing systems or practices. And that is... you generally have to keep your operations going while you do it.

This episode we’ll hear stories of people who have already navigated this process, such as Wayne Schild - the founder and owner of his family business, Grange Garlic, located near Hamilton in Victoria's western districts - a place famous for sheep, NOT garlic. But as you'll soon find out, Wayne is not one for doing things.... the way they've always been done.

We also hear from Dr Tim Clune. He's a Senior Lecturer at the La Trobe University Business School and leads the agribusiness major.

Meanwhile, Emma Coath, managing director of Rocket Seeder, an accelerator for early stage food and ag startups provides her insights into some common hurdles faced by start ups and how to get around them.

This podcast has been created by the Victoria Drought Resilience Innovation and Adoption Hub and is funded through the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.