Bonus Episode: Wayne Schild – From paramedic to big-thinking commercial farmer

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Innovation Ag May Bonus Episode - Wayne Schild - Grange Garlic

Wayne Schild's journey from paramedic to commercial farmer has taken guts, vision and plenty of curiosity.

In this bonus episode, we're playing the extended interview with Wayne, who we spoke to in Episode 6 - 'Staying Operational While Innovating'.

Wayne grows garlic in Victoria's Western districts where farmers mainly produce sheep and wool.

It's been a huge journey for his business called Grange Garlic, from the lows of suffering major crop losses, to the highs of finding a way to mechanize his operations - allowing the business to move from artisan to commercial.

"I have no claim or credentials, only that I wanted to be a farmer and I wanted to do something that mattered. I simply have followed the path of authenticity and have refused to go to market with a substandard product. All other ways of processing garlic, in my view, destroy the natural attributes of what garlic has. Everyone knows garlic for its flavour and aroma."

Wayne Schild, Managing Director, Grange Garlic Pty Ltd


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