Bonus episode: Building Innovation Teams – Getting Agriculture Research Out into the World

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Innovation Ag bonus episode Getting Research Out into the world

How do we better get new research to farmers, to start-ups for commercialisation,  or to Ag industry bodies to build on, distribute and use?

Should we be incorporating a diversity of skills and building teams from the beginning of research?

How can universities and industry better share knowledge and skills?

How do we focus on the trial and error of innovation in science or tech, without IP getting in the way?

Hosted by: Kirsten Diprose, Innovation Ag podcast host and Vic Hub Knowledge Broker.


  • Natalie Collard – Chief Executive, Food and Fibre Great South Coast
  • Simon Falkiner - Farmer and Director at Falkiner Ag
  • Prof. Colin Barrow – lead at Deakin University's Bio Factory and Director for the Centre for Chemistry and Biotechnology.
  • Sam Brown - Chief Executive, Agricultural Innovation Australia