Bonus episode: Alternative funding sources – Christine Pitt (Farmers 2 Founders) extended interview

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In this bonus episode, we bring you the extended interview from Christine Pitt, the Founder and Managing Director of Farmers to Founders.  Christine was in Episode 03: Finding Funding & Building Networks.

Christine Pitt, Farmers 2 Founders
Christine is a globally recognised thought leader, investor and entrepreneur in the ag+food tech ecosystem. She has a particular interest in building globally networked agrifood ecosystems and creating new business models for raising funds to invest in disruptive innovation across the agrifood value chain. Her passion is to make a positive impact in the areas of sustainability, human health & wellbeing, food waste, food security, and creating transparent and ethical agrifood businesses and value chains.
Christine holds a Bachelor of Science, a Masters of Health Administration, and a Doctor of Business Administration in Innovation & Entrepreneurship.