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"Is there such a thing as an innovation roadmap in farming and agriculture?
Probably not... but consider this podcast the next best thing."



Deciding whether to invest in new agtech? Trying to fund or future-proof your next project? Want to value-add to your business, or maybe just keep up with industry changes?

We pick the brightest minds, examine the latest research and map out a step-by-step process to help you implement change.

Hear from farmers, scientists, technologists and ag industry leaders - all working towards innovation, improved sustainability and new opportunities in agriculture. We’ll draw out the practical lessons, so you can apply them on farm, in industry or research. We also share the 'fails' too - because no innovation happens without the odd misstep along the way!

Hosted by Kirsten Diprose, a Victorian farmer, journalist and agriculture researcher. This podcast has been created by the Victoria Drought Resilience Innovation and Adoption Hub and is funded through the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

Produced and edited by Rachael Thompson, Centre for Regional and Rural Futures, Deakin University.


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Bonus episode: Building Innovation Teams – Getting Agriculture Research Out into the World

How do we better get new research to farmers, to start-ups for commercialisation,  or to Ag industry bodies to build on, distribute and use? Should we be incorporating...
Innovation Ag podcast ep10 Measuring Success

Episode 10: How to measure whether your innovation has been successful

So, you’ve implemented change, well done! How do you know it was all worth it? This episode is the final from our current series on 'how to innovate'...
Innovation Ag_Podcast - Ep 9 Tapping into Circular Economies

Episode 9: Tapping into Circular Economies

Can you heat a hospital with wheat stubble? Or use chipped almond trees to improve your soil? These are some examples of circular economic trials that are underway...
Innovation Ag May Bonus Episode - Wayne Schild - Grange Garlic

Bonus Episode: Wayne Schild – From paramedic to big-thinking commercial farmer

Wayne Schild's journey from paramedic to commercial farmer has taken guts, vision and plenty of curiosity. In this bonus episode,...
Innovation Ag podcast Episode 8

Episode 8: Empowering climate adaptation at a local level

Rainfall levels for many parts of Australia haven’t recovered since the devastating millennium drought.  Many rural communities are having to...
Innovation Ag podcast Episode 10

Episode 7: Innovation Systems – The Bigger Picture

What kind of “innovation systems” do we currently have for Australian agriculture? Well, according to a recent report commissioned by...
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Bonus episode: Dr Robert Faggian – Climate modelling for local climate action

Dr Robert Faggian doesn't want research gathering dust, or government talk fests with no action. So, in his keynote address...
Innovation Ag episode 6 Staying operational while innovating

Episode 6: Staying operational while innovating

So far we’ve heard a lot about innovation in ag – about what it is, about considerations to factor into...
Innovation Ag podcast Episode 4 How to Value Add to your business

Episode 4: How to value-add to your business… and the entire agricultural industry

So far, we’ve learnt from the stories of others on why and how they navigated the innovation process. Now it’s...
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Episode 5: How to make good use of data and digital tech

There are so many digital platforms out there, promising to count your cows, measure your soil carbon and do your...
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Bonus episode: Alternative funding sources – Christine Pitt (Farmers 2 Founders) extended interview

In this bonus episode, we bring you the extended interview from Christine Pitt, the Founder and Managing Director of Farmers...
Ep 3 Funding and Neworking - 1

Episode 3: Finding Funding & Building Networks

Does big change have to cost big money? It doesn’t have to. In this episode we look at funding on-farm...
Innovation Ag FEB Bonus Episode - Jacob Birch - Native Grains

Bonus episode: Jacob Birch: Food and Culture Through Native Grains – extended interview

JACOB BIRCH is an academic, entrepreneur and Churchill Fellow passionate about re-awakening, and bringing into a modern context, the native...
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Episode 2: Innovation & Decision Making: How do you implement change, without betting the farm?

Making the right decision at the right time is critical to good business and innovation, especially when you add drought...
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Episode 1: What is innovation & what motivates people to do it?

Sometimes we can confuse ‘innovation’ for high tech machines, sensors and drones. But there’s a lot more to innovation and...