Vic Hub Newsletter, January 2024

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Can you get mad at the BoM? Important surveys, projects and more, Vic Hub’s January newsletter is out now!


Vic Hub January 2024 newsletter


After focusing on a series of strategies to get through a dry summer in the latter months of last year, many parts of Victoria have experienced above-median rainfall. So is it justifiable to get mad at the Bureau of Meteorology? We explain why not.

We also look at 2 projects in the Vic Hub: an inspiring insight into drought-resilience has just wrapped up, while a project with the potential to create an impact across 2 million hectares is part-way through.

We’ve seen a few surveys over the past 10 months, but before you roll your eyes at “another one”, we believe this one is important for all Victorians involved in ag. Whether you’re a farmer or someone working in the ag sector, you don’t need to be reminded how important soils are for food production and environmental sustainability. It is important as many farmers as possible complete this survey so we can provide funding bodies with a true picture of what farmers want in future soil extension and research investment. You’ll find the links in the January newsletter and on our website.

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