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Realigning drought models, 8y commitment, project updates … and more🌱

Welcome to the May edition of our newsletter, packed with exciting updates, project highlights and valuable resources.

Realigning drought models, 8y commitment, project updates … and more – Vic Hub’s May newsletter is out now!Blog feature: 4-stage drought model explained

Read our latest blog post for an in-depth explanation of the drought model, offering crucial insights into water conservation and management strategies.

Highlighted project: Greener & Climate-Resilient Dairy Production

This month, we’re spotlighting the “Greener & Climate-Resilient Dairy Production” project, which aims to enhance sustainability and resilience in the dairy industry.

Project updates

  • Green Dams: Get the latest developments on our Green Dams initiative, designed to improve water retention and support local ecosystems.
  • Stock Containment Workshop, Corryong: Learn about the recent workshop held in Corryong, focusing on effective stock containment practices.

Nuffield Scholarships closing today!

Don’t miss out on the Nuffield scholarships – applications close today!


  • International Day for Biodiversity: Celebrate biodiversity with us, and discover how you can contribute to preserving our planet’s rich natural heritage.
  • Vic Hub prepares for next steps: Stay informed about the upcoming phases for the Vic Hub, as we gear up for “Hub 2.0”.

Grants Now Open

Two exciting grant opportunities are now available:

  • Climate-Smart: Funding for initiatives that promote climate-smart practices.
  • Plantation Establishment: Grants to support the establishment of sustainable plantations.

Innovation AG podcast

Have you tuned in to the Innovation AG podcast yet? This fantastic resource covers the latest in agricultural innovation and sustainability.

Resource section

Check out the grants listed in our Resource section – they were the most clicked links last time, indicating high interest and potential opportunities for you.


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Stay informed with Vic Hub’s news into drought preparedness & resilience, and read the May 2024 newsletter online.