VIC HUB NEWSLETTER #13 – April 2024

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2024 0430 Apr24 eDM top of eDMProject updates, scholarships, global events … and what it really means now El Niño has ended – Vic Hub’s April newsletter is out now!


Vic Hub’s April newsletter is chock-full of exciting updates on projects and initiatives aimed at beefing up drought preparedness and climate resilience. Plus, we revisit our responses to information about climate drivers and weather forecasts now the BoM has formally declared an end to the previous season’s El Niño.

First up we spotlight a project that’s revolutionising water forecasting, with goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision management in drought-prone areas. Plus, take a quick overview of the often-overlooked impact of drought on our youth, and keep you in the loop with a short update on stock containment adoption.

You won’t want to miss our behind-the-scenes coverage of the Victoria Drought Resilience Adoption & Innovation Hub’s dynamic presence.

Our team was front and centre at FutureAg, engaging in lively panel discussions and captivating presentations on The Expert Stage. It was a whirlwind of networking and knowledge-sharing.

In addition to these ground-breaking projects, we’re bringing you stories of empowerment, from initiatives supporting young farmers to our Earth Day celebrations. And don’t forget to have your say in our soil survey: this is your chance to make a direct impact on soil priorities.

On to opportunities: we’ll be announcing awardees in the first-ever Vic Hub drought-resilience scholarships very soon. These scholarships are primed to support student research that boosts the resilience of agricultural businesses and regional communities in the face of drought and climate variability.


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Plus, the Nuffield Drought Resilience scholarships are still open until the end of May. It’s your chance to dive deep into research and make a real difference.

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