Vic Hub at Perth’s evokeAG

vic hub at evoke ag
vic hub at evoke ag

Agtech has centre stage for drought preparedness


By Bow Souter, Innovation Broker, Victoria Drought Resilience Adoption & Innovation Hub


evokeAG kicked off last Tuesday (20th February) with a Welcome to Country and the event, followed by an amazing discussion led by Nina Schick on the potential of AI integration into the world of agricultural technology.VicHub at evokeAG 0156

The potential to improve data-processing efficiencies and digital decision-making is extremely exciting, and will bring with it an exponential increase in the complexity of our data-processing models. This was the beginning of many informative and captivating talks on various challenges and opportunities facing the agricultural sphere in Australia and globally.

The other main stay of evokeAG was the showroom, or networking floor. This room showcased a vast array of established and start-up or scale-up agtech companies and knowledge-sharing entities. The excitement to engage during these two days was prevalent from everyone, with people being happy to share the in-depth details of their products and services, as well as their opinions on the future of the agricultural sphere based upon their personal experiences in the field.

Connecting with the representatives from all of the eight Drought Resilience Adoption Hubs around Australia was a remarkable experience to grow our understanding around the efforts of each state, and substantiate the potential of such a widely connected and diverse network to provide effective and pinpointed help to our agricultural industry through collaborative efforts.

Stay tuned for part 2


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