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Boosting sheep enterprise resilience & performance

The Containment Feeding Adoption Project is all about helping farmers adopt the well-known practice of containment feeding with confidence.

The Vic Hub’s South-West Node, Southern Farming Systems (SFS), has completed its first round of workshops, with 17 producers from the Dunkeld and Inverleigh regions late last month.

Grace Evans Senior Research and Extension Officer SFS
Grace Evans, SFS Senior Research & Extensions Officer

Grace Evans, SFS Senior Research & Extensions Officer said, “The workshops were well received and provided us – the facilitators – with great insight into the variability of each participant’s stock-containment journey.

“Some were quite advanced, and wanted to gain new insights to tweak their system; others are in the phase of ‘do I intensify the sacrifice paddock system?’.”

Jessie Wettenhall Research and Extension Officer SFS
Jessie Wettenhall, SFS Research & Extension Officer

Both these groups will now receive 1:1 support from Grace and fellow SFS Research & Extension Officer Jessie Wettenhall, to extend and expand each producer’s individual knowledge and expertise with their own future or current stock containment system.



You can find more information about the Stock Containment Project (as distinct from this Adoption-focused project), including references & extension resources

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