National Agriculture Week 2023 – ‘Grow you good thing!’

AgDay 2023 - 5
AgDay 2023 - 5

Celebrate National Agriculture Week, 13-17 November 2023


This week is National Agriculture Week, culminating in National Agriculture Day tomorrow, Friday 17 November.

As a nation, Australians have the opportunity to enjoy the world-class food & fibre that we grow right here. But some Australians know very little about the farmers and workers who put food on their tables.

National Agriculture Day is the chance to celebrate and learn about Australia’s incredible farming sector; it’s a day to celebrate an industry that’s part of Australians’ lives every single day.

National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) outgoing President Fiona Simson – who will continue her role as a Director of the World Farmers’ Organisation (WFO) ­– said the annual shout out to farmers and the incredible food & fibre they grow was perfectly timed, with an El Niño event having been declared.

“That being said, Aussie farmers work hard to make sure the impact of dry times is barely felt at dinner tables. Our farmers are the best in the business. A huge amount of planning and careful management goes into make sure food & fibre still gets grown despite difficult times.”

The catch cry for this year’s National Agriculture Day – or #AgDayAU – is “Grow you good thing!”

“It’s always wonderful to see communities coming together on AgDay to celebrate Aussie farming. It doesn’t matter where you live, that connection to farming is such an important part of our identity as Australians.”


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Photo and video competition


Entries are open for the National Agriculture Day photo and video competition, with a prize pool of $5,000. Judges are looking for imagery that celebrates Australian agriculture. Entries close at 5pm AEDT on Friday, 17 November 2023.

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