Make your teaspoon count

Soil Survey 2023 tile 4 - 1
Soil Survey 2023 tile 4 - 1

A teaspoon of soil contains more bacteria than there are people in the world.Soil QR code knowledge gaps survey


Dr Peter Fisher, Victoria Soil Coordinator with the Victoria Drought Resilience Adoption & Innovation Hub, said, “Everyone knows the importance of soils in sustaining healthy food production and for protecting the environment and biodiversity.

“But the pressure to improve soil health – while aiming for net zero emissions to minimise impacts on climate change – requires developing and adopting better soil-management practices.

“For this reason, the Regional Soil Coordinators, who are based across the country at each of the eight Drought and Innovation Hubs, are asking people involved in soil management to complete a new survey on the soil issues, gaps and opportunities in their region.”

Peter is keen to see a strong Victorian representation in the nation-wide survey of soil issues and knowledge gaps in our state, as well as RD&E opportunities for improved soil management.

The multi-choice questionnaire, which only takes about 20 minutes to complete, has been funded by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) National Landcare Program.

So make your teaspoon-worth count – be part of shaping Victorian soil priorities


So make your teaspoon-worth count – be part of shaping Victorian soil priorities.



Access the soil survey by scanning the QR code above in the image, or via this link.