Climate-Smart Agriculture Program

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grants funding available_2000px

DAFF announces new Climate-Smart Agriculture Program


New grants have been announced for:

  • Partnerships and Innovation: applications for Round 1 opened on 22 February 2024
  • Capacity Building: applications for Round 1 opened on 22 February 2024

Applications closing soon:

  • Soil Capacity Building: applications for closed non-competitive and restricted competitive grants close 5 March 2024


girl with free range chooksThe Natural Heritage Trust (NHT) is the Australian Government’s key investment platform for achieving its natural resource management, sustainable agriculture and environmental protection outcomes.

Through the NHT the Australian Government has established the $302.1 million Climate-Smart Agriculture Program over five years from 2023-24. This program will drive agricultural sustainability, productivity, and competitiveness. It supports the following program outcomes:

  • The agriculture sector is adopting practices to reduce emissions and build resilience to climate change.
  • The agriculture sector is supported to harness carbon and biodiversity incentives and implement industry sustainability frameworks.
  • Farmers are supported to drive agricultural growth, while adopting sustainable natural resource management practices that protect and conserve natural capital and biodiversity.


Find more information, including how to apply, for these grants under the Climate-Smart Agriculture Program.

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