Victoria’s final 3 Regional Drought Resilience Plans open for feedback

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Vic Hub encourages communities in the Ovens-Murray, Loddon-Campaspe and Mallee regions to contribute 


FDF Regional Drought Resilience Plans 2023All nine of the Regional Drought Resilience Plans (RDRP) for Victoria have now been done. The final three – for the Mallee, Loddon Campaspe and Ovens Murray regions – are currently open for feedback until 10 December 2023.  

Professor Michael Tausz, Director of the Victoria Drought Resilience Adoption & Innovation Hub, said, “In the Regional Drought Resilience Planning program’s foundational year, 23 regions nationally were announced as the first to develop plans; nine of those were in Victoria.  

“Plans for the first three regions – Goulburn, Gippsland and Mallee-Wimmera were released last month; while plans for the next three identified Victorian regions – Central Highlands, Barwon and Great South Coast – are currently under final review, and will be released at the end of this year. 

“The remaining three Victorian regions were all impacted by last year’s flood events; RDRP’s for these areas have worked through place-based engagement and consultation, and are available for public consultation via Engage Vic.” 

Prof Tausz said with the plans created through engaging local stakeholders to identify key insights, each of the plans has different suggested action-priority areas to build drought resilience.  

In Ovens Murray, five areas were identified:  

  1. People and Community 
  2. Co-ordination and Collaboration 
  3. Agriculture and Allied Industries 
  4. Natural & Built Environment 
  5. Research, Innovation and Education 

Public comment on the Ovens Murray RDRP can be made here 

In the Mallee, seven areas were identified:  

  1. Collaboration 
  2. People and Community Wellbeing 
  3. Farming 
  4. Culture 
  5. Finance 
  6. Rural economy 
  7. Sustainable use & management of natural resources 

Public comment on the Mallee RDRP can be made here. 

In Loddon Campaspe, seven areas were identified:  

  1. Collaboration, knowledge gathering & sharing 
  2. People and Community Wellbeing 
  3. Empowered Communities 
  4. Rural economy 
  5. Infrastructure 
  6. Farm Management 
  7. Environment & natural resource management 

Public comment on the Loddon Campaspe RDRP can be made here. 

Prof Tausz said, “The Vic Hub’s farming-system partners were involved in consultations, supporting and helping direct the consultation processes to gain the best result. Agriculture Victoria – which is also a Vic Hub partner – led the plans.” 

 He encouraged those within the three final regions to give feedback on the plans.  

You can access the first 3 published Victorian plans here: 

Ovens Murray