Climate Services for Agriculture (CSA) tool updated to help more farmers

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A free online tool giving farmers crucial climate information for their region has been updated following consultation across 8 agricultural regions.

Climate Services for Agriculture (CSA) helps farmers find out what the future climate is likely to look like in their region and what it might mean for what they produce.

The new, updated CSA platform now includes information about extreme years, 14 of Australia’s top agricultural commodities, historical climate data, seasonal forecasts and projected future climate information.

New commodities include cotton, dairy, orange, sorghum, sugarcane and wine grapes. This is in addition to existing commodities of beef, sheep, wheat, almonds, apples, barley, canola, lupins.

The new ‘Extreme Years’ widget helps users compare past climate extremes with potential futures ones and set thresholds for their business.

Data accessibility has also been improved to make it easier for users to find and interpret the information they’re looking for.

The tool is a collaboration between the Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO and is funded through the Australian Government’s Future Drought Fund.

The platform will be progressively enhanced to June 2024 to include more commodities, agricultural insights, and adaptation opportunities.

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