Past Event: GRDC Harvester Set Up Workshop – Skipton (SW Node event)

Vic Drought Hub - Farmland 1

Southern Farming Systems invites grain growers to participate in one of a series of 2023 GRDC Harvester Workshops to be held in the lead-up to harvest 2023.

Hear from industry experts and local growers on the integration of harvest weed seed control (HWSC) options, harvester fire prevention, accurate measurement/management of harvest losses and harvest storage.

The forum hosted in VIC by Southern Farming Systems will bring together harvester specialists, industry experts and researchers to discuss preventable harvester grain losses and how to measure these, improvements in efficiency and output, methods of harvest weed seed control (HWSC), the prevention of harvester fires and calibrating harvester technology.


“Borriyalloak” 2339 Lismore – Skipton Rd, Skipton VIC  3361


  • Understanding the impact of harvest loss, how to measure it, how to change your harvester to reduce losses, grain storage.
  • HWSC latest information, sharing how to set-up for effective HWSC using mills systems (iHSD, Seed Terminator, SCU) chaff decks & chaff lining.
  • Reducing the risk of harvester fires.
  • Improving harvester capacity and efficiency.
  • Managing Harvest operations, productivity, and economics

Presenters include:

  • Murray Skayman – Harvest Specialist
  • Ben White – Kondinin Group
  • Brett Asphar – Independent
  • Kassie van der Westerhuizen – Harvest Specialist
  • Peter Broley – Primary Sales
  • Brian Legg – Primary Sales
  • Chris Warrick – Primary Business