Past Event: Farm Finances and Drought: Examining the role of farm advisors

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The Vic Hub is hosting a Think Tank and Webinar online on July 13, 2022: Financial Decisions and Drought: Examining the Role of Farm Advisors.

A frank and thought-provoking discussion on how we can better serve farmers, to ultimately make farm businesses stronger.

Farmers turn to multiple sources when making farm business decisions. There’s the agronomist, the accountant, the bank manager, and the person at the rural supplies store, to name a few!

But the information can be siloed. Sometimes, farmers simply can’t access the most appropriate advisor for the right advice. So how do we change this? Do we need to find better ways of sharing information amongst different types of farm advisors? What are the issues, gaps and challenges this presents? Our research has identified the critical role of farm advisors in making good financial decisions, particularly in times of drought. Therefore, we are bringing industry, academics and farming groups together for an honest, thought-provoking discussion on how we can better serve farmers, to ultimately make farm businesses stronger.

Join us, at the Victoria Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub for this public event featuring key experts: 

Chris Howard – Rural Financial Counsellor and Program Manager at AgBiz Assist, Shepparton

Researcher Panel:
Richard Heath
Executive Director, Executive Director, Australia Farm Institute

Prof. Ross Kingwell
School of Agriculture and Environment, University of Western Australia and Chief Economist at Australian Export Grains Innovation Centre

Dr Lucie Newsome
UNE School of Business (specialising in agriculture)

Industry Panel:
Clinton Peake, ProAdvice

Rebecca Casey, The Nature of Business

Phil White, Ag Diagnostics

plus more.

Hosted by Fiona Best, CEO Birchip Cropping Group.

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The Webinar will be used to inform a closed Think Tank session immediately afterwards, to brainstorm ideas amongst industry, farming groups and academics to improve the role of farm advisors in the financial decision-making of farmers. The goal is to come up with outcomes we can achieve collectively and as the Vic Drought and Innovation Hub.

If you are a “farm advisor” (accountant, bank manager, consultant, agronomist etc) and would like to attend the closed Think Tank Session, please contact Kirsten Diprose.