World Soil Day 2023

GSP WSD23 SaveDate Twitter
GSP WSD23 SaveDate Twitter

World Soil Day 2023: Soil & water – a source of life


2023 World Soil Day

Our planet’s survival depends on the link between soil and water. More than 95% of our food originates from these two fundamental resources.


Soil water – vital for nutrient absorption by plants – binds our ecosystems together, and this symbiotic relationship is the foundation of our agricultural systems.


However, in the face of climate change and human activity, our soils are being degraded, putting excessive pressure on our water resources. Erosion disrupts the natural balance, reducing water infiltration and availability for all forms of life. Sustainable soil management practices, such as minimum tillage, crop rotation, organic matter addition and cover cropping, improve soil health, reduce erosion and pollution, and enhance water infiltration and storage. These practices also preserve soil biodiversity, improve fertility, and contribute to carbon sequestration, playing a crucial role in the fight against climate change.

The World Soil Day 2023 (WSD) aims to raise awareness on the importance and relationship between soil and water in achieving sustainable and resilient agrifood systems. WSD is a unique global platform that celebrates soils and also empowers and engages citizens around the world to improve soil health.


Did you know?

  • 95% of our food comes from soils
  • 33% of soils are degraded
  • It can take up to 1,000 years to produce just 2-3 cm of soil
  • Soils supply 15 of the 18 naturally occurring chemical elements essential to plants
  • There are more living organisms in a tablespoon of soil than people on Earth
  • Over the last 70 years, the level of vitamins and nutrients in food has drastically decreased
  • 2 billion people worldwide suffer from lack of micronutrients, known as “hidden hunger”
  • Agricultural production will have to increase by 60% to meet the global food demand in 2050
  • Up to 58% more food could be produced through sustainable soil management
  • Up to half of our household waste could be composted to nurture our soil


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